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Household goods Storage Containerization is the modern form of storage for household goods - clean, secure as all goods are loaded into wooden containers.

An inventory will be made of the items being stored as they are being loaded into the vehicles. All furniture and effects will be protected whilst being professionally packed into containers. Your goods will remain untouched until you want them back.
Euro UK Moves Group can provide two type of storage for their clients:
1)  Long Term Storage usually from a minimum of 3 month where goods will be sotred in modern wooden storage contianers 
2) Short Term Storage which can be for 1 day up to 2 month and goods will be stored on our Short term section inside rooms of different size.

Commerical Storage

We all know that by law companies need to keep all their files, receipts, invoices and any other financial documentation for at least 7 years.

Most offices unfortunately do not have enough storage space to keep all their records so they are forced to rent units in one of the self-storage place at a very high monthly rate while we can provide the same service but we will give a price per “archive box” per week so our client will pay for the goods is storing and not for a volume that in reality is not using all of it.

Please contact a member of our stuff if you need more information.

Euro UK Moves Group Long Term Storage Containers, Staines UK 
Long Term storage containers
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