Moving Tips

Below we provided some tips on what to do and organize before moving:

  • Burglar Alarm: Leave instruction for new owners
  • Vehicles: Advise DVLA
  • Children: Arrange, if possible, for young children to be looked after during moving day as it could be very stressful.
  • Documents: Try to put aside all documents that you will need during and shortly after the move.
  • Utilities: Arrange reading for gas and electricity, advice water supplier, telephone supplier. Make sure that all utilities will be connected at new address.
  • Financial: Inform Bank and Credit Cards Company that you moved.
  • nsurances: Inform all insurances that you moved.
  • Keys: Remember to leave all the keys for the new owner.
  • Schools: Inform existing school
  • Taxes: Advise council and TV licence
  • 11.De-cluttering: moving is a good time to make some space and get rid of unwanted items that have been stored in the loft for years.
  • Draw a floor plan of your new home and name each room so the removal crew will deliver goods in the right room.
  • We strongly recommend to purchase packing material from the professionals as it could save you money. Try to not overload boxes.
  • Packing: We advice our client to pay a little be extra and let our crew doing the packing. It will save you time and cut down risk of damage.

All our employees are fully trained and we make sure to keep them up to date with new laws to be able to deliver a high standard service to be proud of.


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